Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The iPad experience

So, here I am almost a week later, whodathunk, having loads of fun with the 'pad. Even figured out how to take screen caps, so here is a bit of my desktop:

Finally catching up on all the feeds, comics and obscure books I have wanted to read for some time.

So far, my favourite apps include the Citrix app and the wonderfully awesome 3d sky orb app, a great beginners astronomy app. Like the ability to read my mail on a decent screen size, without having to unpack my lump of a laptop. And, of course, being able to blog easily from anywhere is a major win for me.
Now, I know have most of those capabilities on my phone too, but I am not a dainty girl, and often find mobile phone keyboards awkward - even the touch screen ones - so combining what I love about my mobile (ignoring camera quality for a moment) with what i love about my net book without the heat and power issues, as well as the awkwardness of the flip, makes absolute sense to me.
I am feeling more at home with the device now, and not quite as stupid and clumsy as I did last week, but it will take some time before. I feel like I own it.
I have been stuck in bed recently with a minor alien invasion, but hope to take this puppy on the road with me this week-end to rAge (http://www.rageexpo.co.za/) as well as shopping for the garden - should be interesting.

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