Thursday, December 13, 2012

First glance: Nokia Lumia 920

I did a very unusual thing recently: I purchased a phone outright, no contract or anything. I replaced my year old Android-based Sony Xperia with a beautiful new Nokia Lumia 920, and life is good.

From when I first unboxed it, I have simply not been able to put it down - it feels so good in hand and oh boy is it responsive 😊

I was pleased to discover that the app store contains most of my favourite apps, and the app downloads are easy and quick too. I am missing Instagram and a Blogger-friendly blogging app, but it took a while on both Apple and Android too.

But can we just admire the camera for a moment? I think I am in love 😊

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Agnes james said...

Got my 920 on Friday then headed off on a small weekend vacation where I got to play with my new phone quite a bit. Overall I love it- HOWEVER- I’m majorly disappointed with the camera. I don’t know if I just got a buggy phone or what, but the images are horrible compared to my iphone (which I gave up for this phone). I do professional photography and because of that I’m probably pickier than most, but my biggest gripes come from the comparison of what I’m getting from this phone vs the iphone. The compression seems extreme and the white balance is a mess on most my photos.
I discussed my problem with some other sites also but still didn’t get any suggestion. Anyone else disappointed with the images they are getting from the 920? Or any suggestions for me that what should I do???

Vanessa Bruwer said...

I love the camera and image quality on mine is perfect. Play around with the image settings, which is available if you slide out the menu on the right while in the camera app.

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