Tuesday, January 29, 2013

OpsMgr: EMC ESI support for Microsoft System Center

systemcenter_2_2d9647a3One of our biggest problem areas over the last couple of years has been our storage environments, especially in terms of visibility. The storage team always had visibility of the environments with the native tools supplied by the various vendors, but to get the visibility to the rest of the environment has proven to be a massive challenge. Enter EMC to save the day. As announced last year already, EMC has put some focus on delivering solutions to Windows and System Center, especially via the free ESI for WIndows Suite toolset, which includes a wonderful management pack for OpsMgr.

This video is a great overview of the Storage Integrator (ESI) tool itself:

And once you load the management pack in OpsMgr, you are given a great view of your storage platform:


Suddenly we have the ability to tie applications to their storage components too without having to do any custom development, thus completing the picture for us.

Contact your EMC representative for your free copy of ESI Smile


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Vanessa Bruwer said...

Thanks :)

The biggest secret with running a blog is to be passionate about the subject matter. If you're passionate about the subject matter, the blog will come together naturally :)

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