Monday, January 21, 2013

#scsm: upgrading to Service Pack 1


As I mentioned in my previous post, I am in the process of updating my development environments to Service Pack 1, and next up is Service Manager. Again, be sure to read the documentation.

Before you begin:

  • Ensure you have applied Update Rollup 2 (as a minimum)
  • Backup your SCSM databases
  • Backup all your unsealed management packs
  • Backup your encryption keys on both the SCSM management servers and the DW management servers
  • Stop any running DW jobs (as well as Orchestrator runbooks that may require access to SCSM, just for in case)
  • Remove all OpsMgr 2007 agents on the Service Manager servers

OK, let’s go. According to the deployment guide, it is recommended that you start with the DW management server. When you launch the SP1 installer, you should see the option to upgrade the DW management server then:


Be sure to check the prerequisites. If you haven’t upgraded your SQL version, you may still need to upgrade some components, such as the SQL 2008 Native Client and the SQL Analysis Management Objects. You may need to restart the installation if you upgrade either of these components after failing the pre-req check. This is also true of the management servers.

Note: You cannot run the upgrade on any of the other management servers while the DW MS is in progress. You will get an SDK service not running error should you launch the installer.

Remember to, again, backup the encryption key.

dontpanic_1024Next up, the first management server. This will be the first server installed in the management group. Again, launch the upgrade installer, follow the wizard, check the prereqs and install. Repeat the process if you have any additional management servers.

Note: the upgrade may take some time, as it performs an import of the management packs again. Don’t panic, it will finish eventually.

And again, don’t forget to backup the encryption key.

After the upgrade, you can now restart all the DW jobs, as well as any other jobs you may have running, as well as runbooks.

It is vitally important that you do stop all the Orchstrator runbooks that may access SCSM during the upgrade, as they will get stuck and do weird things if you don’t.

[Don’t Panic image source]

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