Tuesday, March 12, 2013

#SCSM & #SCOrch: Dynamic approvals updated

As mentioned recently, I’ve been working on a way to build dynamic approvals into a Service Request based on certain criteria selected or entered into the form on the SSP.

I have updated the runbook a little, and it now looks like this:


The additional steps as follows:

  • Create the secondary approval step for the compliance team, so that as soon as the manager approves, the request moves along to the complaince team.
  • Create a related runbook activity, populated with the detail for the runbook that will ultimately create the user account.

I wanted to discuss adding these two steps at this point, so that hopefully someone could learn from my initial flawed thinking. I realised that you cannot add the additional steps once the approval has happened because SCSM marks the request as complete if no activity is defined after the approval step.

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