Thursday, May 30, 2013

#scsm and #scorch: Notify on Rejected Review Activity (Approvals)

AlertWhile building our new user provisioning/deprovisioning process in Service Manager and Orchestrator, I ran into a little bit of a wall. Creating a notification workflow to notify the originator of a service request when someone has rejected the request (i.e. voted reject on the review activity) proved down right impossible, and then I found this great blog post by Sharon Abarbanel.

I must admit, however, that I had some difficulties with the runbook in his post, and decided to rework things a little. I also wanted to make the runbook a little more generic, so it didn’t just apply to the review activities for new user accounts, but to any review activity related to a Service Request item. My runbook looks like this:


So, start with a monitor object activity that looks for Review Activities that’s been updated with a Failed status. From the review activity, you can retrieve the reviewer object, link it back to the user object from the CMDB using the Voted By User relationship class on the link between Get Related User and Get User Detail, like this:


Now we get the Service request through the relationships, and then the user who logged the request, using the Created by User relationship class:


Easy enough, once you figure out which relationship components to use.

Now you can build your notification, and use the email address from the user object as the recipient, customise the email with your branding and Bob’s your uncle.

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