Friday, December 20, 2013

SCSM: ETL jobs stuck after upgrade to R2

If you have upgraded your SCSM environment to System Center 2012 R2, you may run into a situation where the data warehouse ETL jobs get stuck.


  • The ETL jobs status shows running, but the jobs are disabled. The MPSyncJob does not complete.


  • Some management packs have a Failed deployment status, and if you try to redeploy them, they fail immediately.
  • Event 33519 in the OperationsManager event log on the DW management server:


3. You have attempted to repair the ETL jobs using this brilliant post by Doug Sigmon, with no luck.



Run the SQL queries as described in this article against the DW Repository, CM DataMart, DW Datamart and OM Datamart databases. Once complete, click on each failed management pack and select Restart Deployment. Within a couple of minutes the management packs should have a completed state (including those that were in a waiting state waiting for the failed MPs to complete) and your ETL jobs should complete as normal.

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